Are there stores that accept bitcoins? In particular, are there alternatives to the ebay-like website Bitmit? Bitmit has shut down, and I am looking for an alternative.

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Sure, plenty of places accept bitcoin.

Here are a few links:


If you're looking for a Bitcoin auction site, like BitMit was, try http://www.halfpricedigital.com

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cryptothrift.com is a good site to look at as an alternative to bitmit. They also support Litecoin and other alts as an option


    I cannot believe this has not been suggested before, but besides cryptothrift which has already been mentioned, CoinGig is a great eBay-like Bitcoin marketplace like BitMit:



      I know, I can't believe the Bitmit is gone! I used to sell all kinds of stuff on there!

      I read that a new BTC auction site just launched this week. It is called DistractedPuppy.com.

      I looked around a little, it looks like a beta, but promising! Maybe there is hope. ;D

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