I'm looking for a way to generate an nxt/ardor address using only a javascript library and without having to be online. Is there a js library that can generate a nxt/ardor account by passing in the secret passphrase as a parameter?


    Codepen Example: http://codepen.io/satoshinakamoto/pen/ObGwXy?editors=1010

    Yes, you can generate the nxt/ardor address by using the following function call:

    NRS.getAccountId('asdf'); //Generates the
    NRS.convertNumericToRSAccountFormat(NRS.getAccountId('asdf')); //Converts that ID to RS (reed solomon) format

    Found in html/ui/js/nrs.encryption.js

    enter image description here

    You will need the following html setup and js files to generate nxt addresses without the need to be online:



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